Eurorally 2018 startline will be from the central square of Odda, Norway.
The route goes southwest with mountains, fjords and glaciers within sight to islands with amazing brigdes and tunnels along the
coastline towards Stavanger, Norway.
In Stavanger, there will be a car display in the central square before we head to the minicruise sailing overnight to Hirtshals, Denmark.

The first drive is to the race track south in Denmark for our race track day with your own car on our way
to Hannover, Germany. Race track day is optional for those who want to attend.
The track driving requires use of helmet and introduction of track rules upon arrival.
(You may bring your own helmet if you want to avoid renting one at the race track)
Estimated driving time is 10-15 minutes with 10 cars together with a 10-15 minutes break between each leg.
Total number og legs driven depends on noise levels and the number of participants for the race track.
The Race track is located next to the german border with a 7 minute drive from the highway.
Race track driving ends at 16:00.
After this, we will drive from the race track through Autobahn to Hannover where we will spend the night and have a party.
The hotel in Hannover is located in the City centre.

On this last day we will drive together on the Autobahn from Hannover to the coast city Zandvoort in Netherland where an event is planned. (TBA).
The hotel is located near the city of Haarlem, and there will be buses to take all participants to Amsterdam city and back to the hotel on regular basis during the night.
Upon arrival at the final destination, we will throw a farewell-party where various awards will be given to the rally participants.

Check out from hotel – there is currently no further events scheduled at this day.
If you wish to spend an extra night at the hotel, information for booking can be found in the contact section of the Eurorally website.

Exact route with all pit-stops and GPS coordinations will be handed out to all teams upon check-in at Odda.
All overnight hotels are 4-star hotels with secure parking.