The official startline and participant-gathering of Eurorally 2019 will take place at in Oslo, Norway.
From the startline, the journey continues towards Gothenburg, Sweden for the first checkpoint
on a overnight cruise to Kiel, Germany.
Estimated driving time: 3,5 hours.

The ferry is estimated to arrive in Kiel at 09:15, where we will be heading towards the next
checkpoint in Szczecin, Poland, driving on one of the best Autobahns in Germany.
The Hotel in Szczecin is located in the city centre with underground parking (and also the only parking in Szczecin which offers insurance guarantee for parking).
Szczecin is a Polish border-town and the district capital of the Western Pomerania province.
The party at this checkpoint will be held at one of the top ranked night clubs in Poland, and the best one in Szczecin at 22:00 this evening.
Estimated driving time: 4,5 hours.

Hotel checkout: 12:00
After checking out from the hotel, the journey continues within Poland on mixed highway and countryroad, heading south to the city of Legnica, also in Poland.
Our hotel in Legnica is located in the city center and has a safe parking with extra security during our stay.
Friday night party (22:00) will be held in the best nightclub in Legnica, which has been ranked one of the top clubs in Poland.

Hotel checkout: 12:00
Car display/startline: 12:00 – 13:00
On the last day of the rally, we will be driving back east and into the Czech Republic to our final destination in Prague.
We will arrange transport from the hotel to the city center and back at various times.
The parking will be additionally secured with extra security guards during our stay.
Award party at 22:00 will be held in the old city center, close to the main square in a 2 floor international and world famous bar with dining options and live music.
Estimated driving time: 3 hours.

Hotel checkout: 12:00
No further events planned

Exact route with all pit-stops and GPS coordinations will be handed out to all teams upon check-in.
All overnight hotels are 4-star hotels with secure parking.