Steffen Ersdal
attn: Eurorally
Utsiktsveien 6
4400 Flekkefjord

Phone numbers:
Steffen: 0047 97 020 588
Alexander: 0047 90 997 568
Espen (Sponsors): 0047 99 485 528

Booking additional hotels apart from the Eurorally package:

Additional hotel in Odda, Norway Wednesday 09th of May 2018 – Thursday 10th.
Hardanger hotel:
Tyssedal hotel:
Trolltunga hotel:
Trolltunga guesthouse:

Additional night at final destination:
Van der Valk hotel:

Remember to specify dates, number of persons and your personal information when booking hotels.
Note: Additional nights is not part of Eurorally and these bookings are your own private bookings.
Odda is a very popular tourist area, we therefore reccomend booking your stay early.
For other options: check or Airbnb.